Last weekend, my husband Miles and I went to Austin for a 4 day vaca. Many of you know that he is a football coach, so come August I don’t get to see him much for approximately 4 months. So this was our last hooraaay before our schedules get really hectic. I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the short trip filled with awesome food and lots of relaxation. I am a go getter, I have lots of energy and love to try new things. On the other hand, Miles is very low key and chill. We are a good combo. This trip I got to do something adventurous to quench my thrist, Ziplining!!! And we did what he wanted to do as well, spent Saturday lounging by the pool :-). Since we are both foodies, we ate and Ate and ATE! If you go to Austin and need some food tips, just give me a shout. Continue reading


To Blog or not To Blog….

The Beginning

Where to begin? Let me start by explaining A Servants Heart Now. It is simple.. My main goal and purpose for life is to have a Servants Heart Now. Our God is so BIG and Wonderful, that I strive to do all things in his name and to bring glory to him. Continue reading

Miss Weight Loss Journey

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